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The College of Information Technology (CIT) is the youngest College at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). It was established in 2001, and has earned a strong reputation for excellence in research and teaching, graduating over 1,200 students up to 2012. CIT employs an outstanding team of international faculty, all of whom hold doctoral degrees and are recognized internationally for their contributions to research, innovation, and education. There is also a team of Master degree holders providing laboratory support and a dedicated team of administrative and technical staff. CIT is housed in a spectacular 300,000 sq. feet facility, providing innovative, immersive learning technologies and hands on laboratories.

CIT is a world-class, student-centered institution that develops, delivers and continually improves IT programs to maintain international standards. In 2010, CIT was granted accreditation of its IT program by Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET. ABET accreditation provides CIT graduates with several advantages; the main one being the recognition by employers of the quality of CIT’s Information Technology program and the reassurance that it meets standards required elsewhere in the world.

CIT prepares students to enter the IT profession or to pursue advanced graduate studies. The ABET accredited undergraduate program provides a solid foundation in oral and written communication, mathematics, science, computer hardware, computer software, and a focused IT major area. The primary goal of CIT is to graduate students who have completed four years of study that includes practical experience and professional competency in one of seven areas of specialization which include Intelligent Systems, Software Development, Information Security, E-Commerce, Networking, Enterprise System and Computer System Design.

Graduates of CIT are employed in government and industry positions serving the IT needs of the nation and participating in the advancement of information technology in the UAE and beyond. CIT students have won numerous national and regional competitions and have received commendations from leaders of the IT industry worldwide. Many of the students are involved in undergraduate scientific research, and have published articles in some major research conferences and journals.

Mar 17, 2016