The United Arab Emirates University is the first and foremost comprehensive national university in the United Arab Emirates committed to serving the needs of the society. The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) contributes to the mission of the University in three ways.

First, CSSE’s undergraduate and graduate educational programs focus on educating students in the fundamental principles of computer science and software engineering. These programs foster critical thinking and impart the necessary skills to excel in the profession and help to solve the complex technological problems of modern society. The breadth of coursework provides a framework for life-long learning and appreciation for multidisciplinary activities.

Second, through CSSE’s research outputs, the department contributes to the development of computer science and software engineering knowledge, and provides innovative solutions for societal needs.

Finally, the department disseminates its research to enhance relationships with the public sector, to promote interdisciplinary interests that benefit society and educate the public through publications, community service and professional activities.

Nov 14, 2016