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2015 Spring CIT Programming Competition

The Spring College of IT, Programming Competition (CITPC), was held on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at the College of IT. This year we decided to hold the competition twice a year, the first one during the fall semester and the second one will be in the spring semester. The contest provided an excellent opportunity for students to show their problem solving and programming skills. The contest also aims at preparing our students for similar national and international competitions. Sixteen teams (11 female teams, 5 male teams) participated in this year's CIT Programming contest. The majority of participating students were from our college but we had students from other colleges. We had 3 teams from College of Engineering, 1 team from Science, 2 teams (mixed students from different colleges) and the remaining teams from College of Information Technology.


Each team was made up of a maximum of three students. The contest lasted for 4 hours. It was very exciting, seeing the students competing against each other in this friendly educational contest. The contestants were given 9 problems to solve.  The winning team solved 4 out of the 7 problems. The second team solved 3 problems. The third team also solved 3 problems but with a longer time duration than the second team. One team solved 2 problems, 6 teams solved 1 problem and the remaining 6 teams did not solve any problem.

Winners of Spring CIT Programming Competition 2015 are as follows:

Rank Student Name ID Problems Solved Time


Rashed Berk AlJabri 201115846 4 667
Assil Ksiksi 201150160
Hashem Abdul Rahman Al Shaikh 200935222


Sara Sultan Al Saedi 201302239 3 382
Mariam Saeed Almansoori 201313718
Aaesha Mohammed Alzaabi 201301416


Alia Abdullah Al Rayssi 201200269 3 481
Ameera Ali Saeed 201002468
Amnah Suliman Al Dhanhani 201201406
Apr 12, 2016