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UAEU students take home Audience Choice prize for their innovative work at the Annual NYUAD International Hackathon


Two UAEU College of Information Technology (CIT) students, Athra Al Khatri and Nouf Al Saedi, under the supervision of Dr Saad Harous, won the audience choice prize for their ground-breaking and important inventions to help people with the growing problems of autism, obesity and diabetes, at the Annual NYUAD International Hackathon, a three-day programming marathon which took place  from April 13 to 17, 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Teams of talented IT students came together from all over the world to create and develop innovative mobile and web applications  relevant to health, education, business, and science, for the benefit of society.

Athra Al Khatri’s team worked on a project called Teslam تسلم., a tool to visualize actionable data related to non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the Arab world, specifically obesity and diabetes, through big data and machine learning, to share with government and business entities, and to educate the targeted subjects of these diseases through a conversational intelligent chat bot.

On Athra’s team were Farah Shamout (PhD Student, University of Oxford, UK), Harini Kannan (Research Software Engineer, Google, US), Khalid Machchate (CEO, K&W Technologies International, Morocco),  Shahan Ali Memon (Carnegie Mellon University, Pakistan), Leanne Dsouza (Middlesex University Dubai, UAE), Khalid Al Awar (Khalifa University, UAE), Ibrahim Soltan (Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar) and Daria Zăhăleanu (NYUAD, UAE).

Nouf’s team worked on a project called Tabboush طبوش., the name of a virtual pet companion to assist autistic children in coping with everyday tasks.

Working with Nouf Al Saedi were Bassem Dghaidi (Technical Director, SE Factory, Lebanon), Muneeza Patel (MIT, McKinsey, UAE), Dani Arnaout (CTO, Saily, Lebanon), Randa El Behery (Cairo University, Egypt), Hera Arif (Abu Dhabi University, UAE), Anas Einea (University of Sharjah, UAE), Alaa Maarouf (Lebanese American University, Lebanon) and Noura Ismail Hussain (Khalifa University, UAE).

Apr 17, 2017